We’re inviting local businesses to send their best champion to tackle Infinity’s trick wall. Contenders have 60 minutes to go from novice to ninja on our high performance wall area. Champions who reach the top get the coveted Infinity Trophy and that warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with knowing you’re a winner.

First up, we have our man Steven Newlands from Newlands Massage Therapy. Steven opened his massage therapy clinic in the Tae Kwon Do centre in November 2018 and specialises in sports massage. If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re in to active sports and no stranger to sore muscles. We highly recommend getting in touch with Steven – he’ll sort you out in no time!

We asked Steven how he found the performance wall challenge -

Do you have any experience with trampolining?

I don’t have any experience with trampolining!

Do you do any other active sports?

I try to attend the gym when possible.

What did you find hardest about the wall challenge?

I found the hardest part was keeping the pace up!

What are your session highlights?

I enjoyed seeing the progress of making it further up the wall.

Any advice for future contestants?

Quit smoking and make sure you warm up!

Solid advice for any situation, Steven!

Props to Steven – he was so close to reaching the top of the wall before the time limit! No doubt he’ll have this dialled with a couple more sessions! Given that Steven completed his challenge before we installed our 1.5m progression wall, we think he nailed it!

Keep an eye out for episode 2 of So You Think You Can Bounce, coming soon. Who will defeat the wall…?!

If you’d like to book an appointment with Steven, drop him a message through his Facebook page >HERE<. In a personal review from Infinity Chief Taran Campbell – “Go see Steven – he’ll wring you out like a cloth!”

If you’d like to apply to be a wall challenge contestant, give us a ring on 01463214068 or email us on

Thank you for reading please use the code "newlandsmassage" to recieve 10% off your next infinity booking. (please note that this code only has a limited number of uses.)