Sessions - Open Jump


Infinity is designed like no other!

Our impressive main court is fit for people of all abilities and ages to have fun. Filled with vault boxes, tumble tracks and angled trampolines the creative layout allows for progression and bouncy madness.

Attempt wall running and parkour manoeuvres on the 2 high performance walls built with varying platforms to test your skills.

Try the 3 lane foam pit with inclined trampoline and 2 standard lanes.

Practice your slam dunk in the 2 spring loaded basketball lanes.

Bring out your competitive side and have a game of dodgeball in our fully enclosed dodgeball arena.


Sessions run in 1-hour slots daily from 11am and start every half hour. 


  • All participants must be 2 years or older.
  • Children aged under 6 must be accompanied on a 1-1 basis by an adult aged over 18 (unless by a parent aged under 18). Adults must have a ticket and stay with their child in the trampoline area to help enforce safety rules.
  • Children aged under 6 will not be permitted on the high performance trampolines. These are the two trampolines at the back which are white with a red cross.
  • All bouncers must be under our weight limit of 16 stone.
  • Grip socks are mandatory in our park. These can be purchased online or in the park.

Our safety rules can be viewed on our ‘about’ page.

All bookings are non-refundable. Please note all participants must purchase a pass and complete disclaimers to join a session. We recommend arriving at least 20 minutes before your session is due to start to allow plenty of time to check-in and for a safety briefing.


£8 per person, per hour


£10 per person, per hour

Additional Hours

£3.50 per person, per hour